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About Olwen Anderson

Olwen helps you discover the core issues behind your ill health and show you how to regain your health, naturally.

Modern naturopathic treatment incorporates traditional natural remedies as well as science. Since vibrant good health includes elements of diet, lifestyle and emotional well-being, as well as relief of your symptoms, Olwen attends to all these important factors.

Treatments may include nutritional supplements, liquid or tablet herbs, homoeopathy, counselling, or just changes to your diet and lifestyle. Everyone's needs are unique, so your treatment is planned just for you.


Olwen Anderson is a clinical naturopath, accredited by the ATMS (Australian Traditional Medicine Society) to practice in naturopathy, nutrition, counselling, herbal medicine and homoeopathy. (Member 10357. Click hereto visit the ATMS web site).  Olwen holds qualifications in naturopathy, nutrition, counselling and health science (see list below).

Olwen’s qualifications:

Master of Rehabilitation Counselling, 2019, from Griffith University

Postgraduate Diploma of Counselling, 2014, from Bond University

Bachelor of Health Science, 2010, from University of New England

Advanced Diploma of Health Science (Naturopathy) - 2004, from Queensland Institute of Natural Science / Southern Cross Herbal School

Diploma of Health Science (Nutrition) - 2003, from Queensland Institute of Natural Science / Southern Cross Herbal School

Not sure if Olwen can help you? Feel free to phone her for a chat on 0427 558 870 

And on a personal note -

Would you like to know about how I came to work in this field, and why I want to work with you? You may have the impression that I've always been healthy, happy and energetic, but this hasn't always been so. The condition started in my teenage years…

I developed what's now known as polycystic ovarian syndrom (PCOS), although at the time not much was known about it, and certainly not in the country area I grew up in. I was told that I would just have to live with it, an expression of that time often served up to women. It still annoys me when I hear it – but more about that later.

If you're not familiar with PCOS, it can manifest in a number of unpleasant symptoms – in my case including hypoglycaemic attacks, infertility, a tendency to put on weight, and hair growth in all the wrong places – like my face. I never travelled without my tweezers and some sugary snacks. I turned down invitations for camping expeditions or anywhere that my facial hair growth might be discovered. ("Don't stand too close!" was my favourite motto!)

I thought I was stuck with it…

Believing that there was no solution, I struggled with self esteem issues through my adolescent years and into my 20s and 30s; overweight, hairy, and depressed. Despite extensive medical investigations and pharmaceuticals, nothing changed.

But it emerged that lots of natural therapies were available to help…

In my mid 30s I decided to change careers and retrain as a naturopath. I guess some small part of me still hoped that there might be a solution. As my studies progressed, the realisation gradually dawned that effective natural treatment was available.

Armed with my new knowledge, I started researching more, and experimenting with different diets, herbs, nutrients, fitness training and meditation. It turned out that I didn't have to 'just live with it'. What a revelation! Now I'm really enjoying life, lots of energy, and my body.

And what does this mean for you?

The message I most want you to get out of my story is that there are many natural therapies available to treat or ease your condition, no matter what it is. The old saying "you just have to live with it" just doesn't apply in the 21st century.

So now I spend my time helping people like you resolve chronic health conditions, and get more energy so you can enjoy life more. And that's my story.

If you'd like to know how natural therapies can help your specific situation, lets talk about how you can feel better too. Call me on 0427 558 870 or book your consultation now

Regards, Olwen

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