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Healthy Meal Plan

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Healthy Meal Plan

When you’ve decided you want to eat healthy, reduce your carbohydrate and sugar intake; what's next?

Well, you need to know what to eat, but you don't want to eat the same thing every day.

…and a detailed shopping list so you won’t buy too much and have it rot in the fridge, or too little and have to run back to the store.

….you’ll need recipes, of course….

…and reminders for the day before so food prep is streamlined.

Here it is: A plan for your meals that’s appetising, won’t leave you starving hungry, and works for a busy person’s life.  With a meal plan to stick on the fridge door, a shopping list, recipes and detailed instructions.

Being creative about healthy food at the end of a day filled with decision making is hard, so I’ve developed a healthy meal plan to help you out. Now all you have to do is get prepared with the right food so its right there when you want it, check the plan for today’s menu, and follow the instructions. You can feel confident you’re getting good nutrition even though you’re busy.

  • This is a (liveable) low-carbohydrate* healthy-fat and low sugar meal plan
  • Includes the week's plan to stick on your fridge door
  • Recipes are included
  • Even includes a shopping list to help you out.
  • Designed for one person but can easily be modified for two or more people

1. You can pay securely using your credit card (you don't need to have a Pay Pal account).
2. An email will arrive in your inbox which is the tax invoice. Click on the e-book name on the invoice to automatically start the download. It's a PDF, so you'll need Adobe to download it but most computers already have this.
3. Print out, head out to the shops, get some food and enjoy the process of eating healthy!
4. I'd love your feedback.


*Classification of ‘low carbohydrate’ vs ‘high carbohydrate’ diets as defined in the journal of Nutrition in Clinical Practice Jun 2011 Vol 26 No.3 'Low carbohydrate diet reivew: shifting the paradigm'

  • Carbohydrate intake over 45% of calories is classified as ‘moderate to high carbohydrate intake.
  • ‘Reduced carbohydrate’ diet contains over 130g carbohydrate but not more than 45% of your total calories.
  • ‘Low carbohydrate’ diet contains 30-130g carbohydrate.
  • 'Very low carbohydrate’ diet contains less than 30g carbohydrates


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