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How to make it easier to exercise

Saturday, October 28, 2017
There are some that just do it, some that will only if a friend comes along, and some that put it off until tomorrow (although tomorrow never comes). Some don’t even think about doing it. I’m talking about exercise. Maybe you’d really like to get fit but it’s just not happening. What if you could leverage your natural personality traits to make fitness training easier?

Or, do you want to get fit and yet find it’s somehow impossible to actually strap on those training shoes and get out the door? A recently published book, ‘The Four Tendencies’, might help light up the way for you. It’s a very readable text about what motivates certain people to do particular things for certain reasons. The book divides people’s motivations into four types:

1. There’s the ‘upholder’ type who is self-motivated regardless of what others are doing. This is the kind of person who somehow manages to exercise regularly, regardless. 

2. There’s also the ‘questioner’; this type who will only exercise when they devise their own fitness regime based on their own research and opinions. 

3. Another type is the ‘obliger’ who is motivated through relationship; these are the people who can’t seem to exercise unless other people are relying on them to be there. 

4. Finally, there’s the ‘rebel’ who won’t be told what to do – the kind of person who would deliberately refuse to exercise in response to recommendations that they do.

There’s a quiz associated with the book too, at which might help you  make discoveries that pave the way to actually make exercise happen. (Look for ‘The Four Tendencies Quiz’). For example, if you’re an ‘obliger’, then teaming up with others to exercise together will actually make it more likely you’ll exercise because others are relying on you to join in.  Discover you’re a ‘questioner’? Well, you’ll probably get moving once you’ve done the research, identified what you consider to be the right exercise, and designed your own program. If you’re a ‘rebel’ type there’s no point at all in making suggestions about how to exercise, because you’ll only train if it’s something you want to do! And if you’re an ‘upholder’? Well, then, you’re probably already exercising daily and enjoying the benefits. 

Curious? Why not try out the quiz; it just might help you understand why you’re having trouble exercising, and how to manage yourself more easily to make it happen.

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