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Is your iron shortage slowing your thyroid too?

Saturday, November 18, 2017
The challenge, when you’re a woman, and feeling simply exhausted by life, is to find out what’s causing the fatigue so you can do something about it. Blokes get tired too, of course, but there are uniquely female sources of fatigue.

It’s all too easy to dismiss female exhaustion as inevitable as we juggle so many tasks like earning a living, managing the household, parenting, and the relationship with your partner. Then hopefully, too, time to attend to our own health and fitness. A cursory investigation of your weariness might miss what could be the cause: Iron shortage, or an underactive thyroid, or both; surprisingly, one can affect the other.

Many women are already savvy about how much impact a shortage of iron can have on your stamina, how easy it is to run low on this important minerals, and how frustratingly slow it can be to rebuild your iron stores. (Here’s a tip: If you’re menstruating it’s a good idea to review your iron status with your GP every year. Make sure you keep a copy of the results).  When you read your iron study, check not just for your serum iron, but your serum ferretin level too; I’ll explain in a moment how the latter is connected with your thyroid function.

Serum iron is in a form that’s available for use right now: building new blood cells that will carry oxygen, and helping form enzymes that make biochemical reactions happen. Serum ferretin is also iron, but enclosed within a protein molecule. Effectively it is iron in reserve, to be converted into serum iron as needed. But your thyroid gland is interested in utilising the ferretin form.

Enzymes are continually being produced within your thyroid to convert the raw materials of iodine, zinc, selenium, tyrosine and the like into thyroid hormone. The enzyme that does this, thyroid peroxidase, uses iron in the ferretin form. Insufficient ferretin iron can lead to a shortfall in thyroid hormone, which leads to inadequate energy production in your body, and you’re now struggling to generate enough energy for your busy day.

But like any chicken-and-egg mystery, the question remains: If you’re tired, does that mean you’re tired because you’re low on iron, or tired because your thyroid gland isn’t working well enough? Or both? Worth looking into, perhaps. After all, as a woman you need your body to be in top shape to keep juggling all those tasks.

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