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Nine clues you have found the right practitioner

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Do you know it’s estimated that most of the benefit of a consultation (counselling particularly) is due to the relationship between the practitioner and their client?  Here are some clues you’ve found the right practitioner/therapist for you:

1. You feel heard; like the practitioner really worked hard to understand your perspective, and goals for treatment. What’s important to you.

2. You felt you could speak openly and honestly without fear of judgement or ridicule.

3. The practitioner was happy that you brought along a support person. (If you did).

4. Your practitioner was able to communicate the plan for your treatment (even though it usually changes as you progress anyway)

5. You didn’t feel pressured to accept their treatment plan or undergo expensive tests beyond your budget.

6. The practitioner was able to explain how the supplements they prescribed fit into your treatment, and it made sense.

7. The practitioner was happy that you asked questions.

8. You feel like the practitioner ‘gets’ you.

9. You could easily ascertain that the practitioner is appropriately qualified, and accredited with a professional association.

That’s nine I could think of….what makes you choose a particular practitioner?

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