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Why not salad for breakfast

Saturday, February 27, 2016
Salad with breakfast? Well, why not? The question came up as I spoke with a group of women last weekend about optimising their health past 40. We were talking about how easy it was to create a protein and vegetable based breakfast. And in hot weather, why not make it salad instead of hot vegetables?  Their reaction really highlighted how certain meal ingredients become the unquestioned norm.

You’re probably familiar with a vegetable based breakfast already, if you enjoy some fried eggs with mushroom and tomato, or perhaps an omelette including spring onions, leftover sweet potato and some cherry tomatoes. It’s really simple to create an egg-and-vegetable breakfast once you get used to the routine.

During winter a hot breakfast is comforting. But what about the really hot and humid days, when cooking a hot breakfast seems ridiculous? Why not opt for a breakfast salad on summer days?

It probably seems odd because it’s out of the ordinary. For the last few decades we’ve been culturally attuned to sweet breakfasts. It’s become the new normal. Children grow up thinking that breakfast is sweet, poured out of a cardboard box and spooned out of a bowl. (Whether it’s a commercial cereal or muesli, it’s likely that there are lots of sugary ingredients). Or a slice of toast with a sweet spread. And yet a hundred years ago breakfast out of a packet was unheard off. 

Breakfast then was porridge, toast, eggs, and yes, vegetables like mushrooms and tomatoes.  As today, any other type of breakfast in those days seemed unthinkable, ridiculous.  Perhaps it’s time to start a new breakfast trend for the 21st century that fits with a modern lifestyle; where we seek health as well as convenience. 

Salad’s pretty quick to throw together, so here are some ideas for a salad-and-protein based breakfast: Instead of just fried mushrooms and poached eggs on toast, why not have some crisp rocket or dandelion leaves on the side with some cherry tomatoes and finely sliced salad onion?  If it’s too hot to cook, you could have some hard-boiled egg and avocado on seed crackers with a mixed greens salad on the side and a tangy dressing.

This may sound like an adventurous breakfast, but if you’re up for an adventure, why not?

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