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For a couple of years now I have been suffering bloating, discomfort and excess wind. My problem was put down to gluten so I went on a gluten-free diet. However after some time the symptoms returned, worse than ever. It seemed that many foods weren't agreeing with me. I then had a consultation with Olwen - an extremely thorough appointment where all facets of my digestion and general well being were discussed. I basically had made up my mind I didn't want to go on the FODMAPS diet as friends have because I wanted to be able to eat what I liked. So Olwen set about getting my system back in good order. This was achieved with several products used over a couple of months. I am thrilled with the result. I feel so much better. I can eat all foods but nothing to excess. I'm not on any ongoing medication but have made easy adjustments to my diet that keep me feeling good. Thank you Olwen. A great result in a short period of time.

- H.S June 2015

Since starting my course of treatment with Olwen, my life has changed for the better: Homeopathics provided by Olwen have helped with depression, anxiety, hormonal imbalance, stress and general wellbeing. I highly recommend Olwyn to anyone who has been affected by any of these and wishes to regain their quality of life.

- A.L April 2014

I feel like a new person. I have more energy, I wake up so much clearer, I'm more positive and cheerful. I don't feel as sensitive to things. Oh and my skin is much clearer. Less blemishes on my cheeks. People keep noting that I look 'radiant'. I have better concentration, I've even started reading at home again, first time in years. The concoction you created has made me feel like the person I was four years ago. Thank you!

- C.C., January 2013

Olwen worked with my doctor to source the most appropriate natural treatment of ailments that would normally be managed with medication. Fatty liver, high cholesterol, voice and sports injuries were my main problems but Olwen's whole-of-life approach to treatment has shown me the effects of imbalance caused by the 'niggly' little things. Who would have thought an apple replacing 2 sweets, 5mls of milk thistle and a spray under the tongue would make such a difference!

- Donna R., November 2012

Before I found Olwen I was in pain daily and my periods were starting to become irregular at 49. I also needed some more clarity about my diet to maintain good health. Now 6 months into treatment - the pain has gone, I feel lighter & brighter (no foggy head) due to just simple advice and improvements to my diet. And my periods have become regular again. My general well being is improved but mostly I feel quite relaxed and less stressed and short tempered (also through a heavy study / work load). I was amazed at how quickly and simply these adjustments helped me get back on track to feeling much much more comfortable relaxed and clear. Thank you Olwen

- Diane R., October 2012

This testimonial is about making all aware of the range of ailments that Olwen attends to in her practice. In my case gastric reflux (GORD), fungal infections internally and externally, skin conditions, bowel problems, stress relief and many other ailments too numerous to write in this letter. The relief that I received was from my second visit onwards. Thanks Olwen."

- I.vM, September 2011

I had suffered with a post nasal drip for at least two years until I went and visited Olwen. It took a little while to get the right combination of herbs and homeopathics but once we were on the right track the post nasal drip disappeared. Thanks Olwen

- T.M. August 2010

I have had the privilege of having Olwen Anderson walk with me on my health care journey after being diagnosed with Bowel Cancer in June of 2008. Olwen supported me in her capacity as my primary alternative heatlh care provider along with the surgeon, medical practitioners and oncologist......... She is a constant support not only with her extraordinary knowledge of the body and naturopathy but also with her empathy, compassion and intuitive understanding of me as a person...... I am getting relief from the associated neuropathy that remains post treatment through her natural therapies. Olwen is an extraordinary practitioner.......Thank you Olwen

- S.S-N, October 2009

After myself and my daughter presented to Olwen Anderson, I couldn't be happier with her caring and professional assessments followed with successful treatments.

- Jodie, Tweed Heads NSW August 2009

Olwen has the ability to work with you right where you are at. She respects limitations, abilities and personal goals.

- Lisa, Burleigh QLD August 2009

Thank you Olwen for helping me through a difficult period of study and supporting not only my physical health, but my emotional wellbeing as well. With your encouragement and support I was able to continue my course and I'm flying high these days.

- Fiona Munro, Murwillumbah NSW September 2009

I wanted to say that I came to you with numerous problems, bowel (including bloating, constipation, cramps etc), hormones, lack of energy/motivation, calcium buildup etc. I found that your initial consultation was great and thorough as you showed me that you were very interested in helping me and wanting to know everything about my health. Doing the saliva testing was simple and the results were reassuring that I wasn't imagining that I felt tired and I felt I couldn't focus properly. The result was my DHEA was low, then with vitamins I could feel so much better! Previously through doctors, I did a blood test, that showed everything was normal (the blood test was for my hormones). Also I found that my menstrual cycle was 19 to 21 days, but after 3 months I have found that they are back to 28 day cycle. So simple!! Also I have found that my irritable bowel symptoms has improved so much, while I have been seeing Olwen. Through diet, advice and intestine powder I no longer have bloating and cramps which made me feel so lethargic. I have found Olwen to be very empathic and understanding with my problems. I have enjoyed coming and feel so much better within myself and my health. As a result of feeling better, I took on a second job and looking at studying next year. Thank you Olwen for your continual support.

- R.R., Helensvale QLD September 2008

Olwen is really thorough in her assessment and researches specific complaints to ensure the best treatment. I found Olwen to be genuinely caring, confidential and I could and have recommended her to my family and friends.

- Angie, Murwillumbah NSW September 2008

It is always a very pleasant experience to visit Olwen at her delightful Murwillumbah clinic. Her knowledge is extraordinary. I feel that I am in very caring, competent and safe hands always. Olwen has improved my health and fitnesss levels to the extent that I have not felt this great for a long, long time. I would recommend Olwen to anyone who wants a new lease on life.

- Rosemarie Toynbee, Bangalow NSW. September 2008

My daughter Sarah has been greatly helped by Olwen. Olwen is a very caring lady.

- Jodie, Murwillumbah NSW. June 2007

I have been seeing Olwen for a period of four years for several health concerns. During this time my entire body has changed and where once I suffered from severe psoriasis I now have rare occurrences. Olwen has also helped me control my stress and improved my overall health immensely.

- Glenda Peters, Dungay NSW

Having never used any form of natural therapy before I was unsure of what to expect on my first visit with Olwen. My first consultation was very relaxed and I was given time to discuss all of my health concerns before Olwen made a decision about treatment options. Due to this holistic care approach I found that all areas of my health improved and the skin problem I was seeking help with cleared up for the first time in four years. I was very comfortable with Olwen who kept me informed on what she believed was causing my health problems and how her treatments could help.

- Amy, Murwillumbah NSW June 2007

Olwen has been given the gifts of healing and listening, coupled with knowledge and understanding that has no bounds. In saying this, the encouragement that she has given to help me heal my inner health and understand both the physical and mental issues which have arisen over the course of my treatment, a truly remarkable person. I look forward to continuing my treatment in the future.

- L.Chanell, North Ryde NSW June 2007

Olwen, through your practice over the past years you have provided support & healing to my whole family. Your use of bush flower essences is excellent for parents, teenagers & toddlers.

- Donna, Murwillumbah NSW June 2007

Consultation with Olwen was definitely beneficial. After 10 months with an adjusted lifestyle my sugar levels, blood pressure, cholesterol and kidney function have been found to be well within acceptable limits. The treatment of gout without drugs is my preferred course and appears to have advantages and success

- Maxwell B., Murwillumbah NSW

Olwen has treated me over the last two years for leg cramps, which was fixed through natural remedies. Also recently diagnosed with cancer, which under remedies from Olwen prepared me for chemo and radiation treatment—and I successfully recovered. I am maintaining good health with continuous treatment from Olwen.

- G.W. QLD

Olwen treated me both nutritionally & homeopathically for depression for some time. I am a more motivated and energetic person today as a result of that in-depth & caring treatment. Thank you Olwen

- Karin H, Murwillumbah NSW

For months I had a persistent cough. After two visits my cough was gone.

- C.Ryder, Murwillumbah NSW

I have found Olwen to be a very caring person. She is someone who works very hard to help you become well again.

- W.B., Palm Beach QLD

I always find Olwen to be very knowledgeable & professional. She makes you feel very comfortable and is easy to converse with. She shows empathy and is genuinely concerned with your health problems.

- Sharon, Cudgen NSW

Olwen's treatment has given me back considerable lost energy and a general feeling of wellness. She is very thorough and caring and I would have no hesitation in recommending her to others.

- Arnold T., Bangalow NSW September 2008

I can't thank Olwen enough for helping me with several irritating health issues I had been experiencing. My digestion had been not 'quite right' for a long time. I had been experiencing pain and discomfort for a while but put it down to getting older. I was also going through menopause with some unpleasant mood swings and annoying physical symptoms.

Olwens knowledge, patience and calm empathetic manner resulted in me receiving effective treatment for both issues. She really took the time to understand and diagnose my problems and was able to prescribe the best treatment.

I would way to anyone who is 'putting up' with annoying health issues, make an appointment with Olwen and you will notice the difference.

- (name witheld) February 2016

Olwen’s knowledge, teamed with her caring nature & warm personality make her an excellent choice if you are looking for a naturopath. Olwen helped me enormously & I wouldn’t go to anyone else.

- SR, Murwillumbah NSW

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